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Welcome to the chronicle of places I go, and events I attend in my Second Life travels. I post lots of photos and landmarks to get to stops I recommend. Most of this blog - but not all - is dedicated to educational builds or places pertaining to education. I am an ardent Second Life traveler, and this blog reflects that. Olivia Hotshot. Get yours at bighugelabs.com/flickr

17 April 2010

VWER 4-13-10

VWER 4-13-10-_005, originally uploaded by ponderosafish.

I look forward to these meetings. The conversation is outstanding.

09 April 2010

study study study

olivia_lappy_001.png, originally uploaded by Olivia Hotshot.

prepping for my CATS presentation for Tuesday

08 April 2010

Feathers Boa

I am proud to call this talented woman my friend. her work is original, and this video clearly reflects that. I was tickled to see so many of the art pieces i love dearly included.

Thank you Feathers darling. Brilliant as always.

The down low as sent to me as a message in Second life:

From: Art as Light as a Feather
to me

Group Notice From: Feathers Boa

As many of you know...there was a big RL/SL crossover gallery opening last night at the Harbor Gallery in Boston featuring 20 SL artists (including yours truly).

Pics of the event can be found here:

My video in HD for the opening can be found here:

07 April 2010

Ken Hubble

ken_hubble_002, originally uploaded by Olivia Hotshot.

Good conversation at the VWER meeting this week.