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Welcome to the chronicle of places I go, and events I attend in my Second Life travels. I post lots of photos and landmarks to get to stops I recommend. Most of this blog - but not all - is dedicated to educational builds or places pertaining to education. I am an ardent Second Life traveler, and this blog reflects that. Olivia Hotshot. Get yours at bighugelabs.com/flickr

29 November 2009

Free December 2009 Calendar Wallpaper

as always - show all sizes and download the one you want - IF - you want.

28 November 2009

On Reaction Grid? You might find this article helpful.

Help my sim is down! by Metaverse Heroes

I had trouble logging in today but dstrawberrygirl came to my rescue. She pointed me to this page on Metaverse heroes, and although this was not my particular problem, i thought it was worth passing on.

Check the page.

26 November 2009

wizard gynoid on Reaction Grid

sim expander - prim exploder - metaverse explorer
check her explanation of E8


25 November 2009

wizard_gynoid's E8

wizard_gynoid_005.jpg, originally uploaded by Olivia Hotshot.

one day i will understand this.

22 November 2009

i spy...

olivia_010.png, originally uploaded by Olivia Hotshot.

trees by AM

trees by AM, originally uploaded by Olivia Hotshot.

He is Santa year round.


trees_by_AM_006.png, originally uploaded by Olivia Hotshot.

... and off in the distance i spied two horses galloping up the hill, their riders holding on tightly, laughing and yelling to each other.

21 November 2009

On Aether - my new Reaction Grid property

on_aether_001.jpg, originally uploaded by Olivia Hotshot.

and voila! here is it. Aether island, cojoined at the hip to Viv's.

in the photo: Omen Crow, Viv Trafalgar, and Olivia Hotshot.
Thanks Chris and Kyle and Robin.

20 November 2009


New_Vladivostok_012.png, originally uploaded by Olivia Hotshot.

It is worth a trip to marko Seurat's New_Vladivostok


Cotton's Class

Access & Equity in Education
CSUC Department of Education

19 November 2009

Heritage Key 11/18/09

HK_11+18+09_015, originally uploaded by Olivia Hotshot.

First SLER/VWER meeting out of Second Life and on Rezzable's Heritage Key

and yes, that is me with the braids and hat. AJ is in the chair behind me. Foolish Frost is in the far distance.

In Attendance

Johnathon Dunn from Penn

Margie Polishradio from Univ of Illinois Chicago

Scott Diener from Univ of Auckland

Iggyo Heritage from U of Richmond

Hobbs Constantine from Western Governors

Olivia Hotshot from Cal State Chico

LT Heritage from Rezzable

AJ Kelton from Montclair State Univ

MichelleD Heritage from Phoenix

Teyah Nightfire from Shawnee State Univ

Viv Trafalgar from Rezzable

Ivy Innis, K-12 Teacher

Elizabeth Greenwood from Univ of Central Florida

Chavez Lefevre from Kalle Gjesvik, Tromso University, Norway

AICoder Hak from Center for Multidisiplinary Studies at RIT, New York

Vincent Heritage from talking Pyramids

Foolish Frost from .......

(and please let me know if i inadvertently left anyone out.)

17 November 2009

new caerleon virtual art museum

new_caerleon_predawnmoon, originally uploaded by Olivia Hotshot.

taken with the predawnmoon windlight setting

16 November 2009


helyanwe_vindaloo_002, originally uploaded by Olivia Hotshot.

The gorgeous and talented Helyanwe Vindaloo of Deviant Kitties hair fame.


Heritage_Key_001, originally uploaded by Olivia Hotshot.

Olivia Hotshot at Heritage Key - King Tut Exhibit entrance

Get it at: heritage-key.com/downloads

14 November 2009


my dear friend, Life Charron had another opening today - Formatting has some absolutely amazing photos.

Alazarin Mondrian and The Invisible Band played some astral music.


NMC Tour of the Aho Art Museum

NMC_AhoMuseum_009, originally uploaded by Olivia Hotshot.

11 November 2009

Heritage Key Download Information

Heritage Key Information and Registration

To use the avatar you just created to visit 'King Tut Virtual', you will want to use the Heritage Key VX viewer. For optimal performance you will need to be the proud owner - or user - of an up to date computer with enough RAM (at least 1GB) and a fast internet connection (cable or DSL).

Heritage Key Downloads

Heritage Key on Flickr

Happy Veterans' Day

veterans_001.png, originally uploaded by Olivia Hotshot.

Thank you to those who serve and sacrifice for our country.


*~SL Veteran's Tribute~*, Point Harbor (229, 134, 23)

10 November 2009

Second Life Education Roundtable Meeting

sler11_09_09_006, originally uploaded by Olivia Hotshot.

no one can say we're not a close knit group.
-the day the seats wouldn't rezz-


sler11_09_09_003, originally uploaded by Olivia Hotshot.

come on now, one more can squeeze in.
SLER Meeting


sler11_09_09_010, originally uploaded by Olivia Hotshot.

Finally we all fit - with a new table via a quick thinking Iggy.

08 November 2009

07 November 2009

Calculus Class

Snapshot_004.png, originally uploaded by Olivia Hotshot.

Jock Bing's calculus class on the grant parcel
This is Jock's photo.

National Educational Technology Plan 11_05_09

NETP11_05_09b_018.jpg, originally uploaded by Olivia Hotshot.

a huge gathering of educators ready to discuss the national ed tech plan.
ISTE did a great job of hosting the massive event. I really appreciated listening to the others express their thoughts and concerns. I was truly humbled.

04 November 2009

Educause VW Meeting

educause_003, originally uploaded by Olivia Hotshot.

Educause, SL, and Heritage Key Meeting
streaming Live from Denver

03 November 2009

reaction_grid again

reaction_grid_010.jpg, originally uploaded by Olivia Hotshot.

World's Fair On the Reaction Grid


SLER_11_03_09_040, originally uploaded by Olivia Hotshot.

Ahlan Oh and Olivia in the boat while we listen to the poem on the way to Uncle D's House at Marty Snowpaw's Stories without Borders.


SLER_11_03_09_009, originally uploaded by Olivia Hotshot.

Marty Snowpaw of Stories without Borders

Marty was nice enough to give us a tour of his island after the SLER meeting,

Sims for Difference, Diversity & Deviance

These sims are listed for a criminology course.
They are only ideas, not recommendations, for sites that upper division students could potentially explore to better understand course materials. Information, interactions, and objects found on some of these sims may NOT be appropriate for the meek.

MacLaren's Drift
The town of Prosperity on MacLaren's Drift, once terraformed for ore miners. Now this out-of-the-way moon is the perfect place to make your way in the 'Verse, so long as you stay ahead of the reavers, alliance, criminals and pirates


UC Davis Virtual Hallucinations Project

Accessing the virtual hallucinations project requires that you download and install the Second Life client software. Unfortunately, the steps below are somewhat involved, but they must only be performed once. Furthermore, you’ll gain access to a tremendous amount of interesting content within the Second Life system.


UC Davis-sponsored schizophrenia education building:


Stop the genocide in Sudan.

SL Democide Museum
Welcome to the SL Democide Museum. This is devoted to communicating the extent and scope of world democide (genocide and mass murder), and discussing what can be done about it. Such democide exceeds by several times the combat death toll of all war. The curator is MarkMonet Thor, artist and RW Professor Emeritus of Political Science.

Middle Passage Slave Trader
Visit the ship named Rememberance.

Tear It Down & Virtual Guantanamo
Two virtual representations of Guantanamo Bay prison have been launched, one with the specific goal of encouraging the U.S. government to close the real prison and the other to encourage public discourse. Both projects are engaging examples of virtual advocacy, with one creating a virtual representation of the detention center in the virtual world Second Life and the other, a flash-based web site that has a video game quality to it.

Gone Gitmo Blog

First World War Poetry Digital Archive
This immersive experience attempts to demonstrate how effective it can be to expose items from a research project (the First World War Poetry Digital Archive) in its context. You can see items from the collection, hear interviews with veterans, and watch contemporary film footage as you explore the area - a training camp, communication trench, a casualty clearing station, a front-line trench - as well as listen to readings of the poetry.


Melita Insula
ancient greek roman colony for role play MATURE gladiator fighting, slavery, potential for interesting discoveries.

In For Life: Doing Time in SL
This sim is quite possibly over the top. I did not go in, but i did skim the manual. Only for the truly brave.
Welcome to In For Life prison and correctional system!
In for Life is a prison which is based on an immersive set of role-play rules, the most important one is that someone can only become a prisoner if they are sentenced in the In For Life (IFL) court. In order to end up in the court, they need to be accused of some "crime", disobedience etc. Be aware that the accusation needs to be solid otherwise the appointed IFL judge might let the accused go. If an accused is acquitted then they cannot be accused of the same violation again.


The Prisoners' Lounge
Home of the Prison Roleplayers of SL. A place to compare prison stories and obtain Information about prisons in SL, comparative table, museum displays, noticeboard, greylist information.

GLBT Holocaust Memorial Provincetown
Honoring Those Lost to Hate Crimes

02 November 2009

World Map - November 21, 2002

World Map - 11_21_02, originally uploaded by Wizard Gynoid.

One of the oldest SL land maps. From the collection of Carl Metropolitan.
According to Wizard: 'One of the oldest SL land maps. From the collection of Carl Metropolitan. Carl says this is "SL's first map." '
You just have to see the textures uploaded by the talented Wizard Gynoid.
Thanks Wiz for all your hard work.

Third World

Third World_007.jpg, originally uploaded by Olivia Hotshot.


walk on the interconnected ladders - don't fly - and stay in mouse view to have some fun. they also have story hour here - which i have not done, but it looks fun.

November 2009 Desktop Calendar

Olivia at Third World in Second Life.
You can find Third World in the Showcase Search

01 November 2009

Happy Halloween

pumpkin_002.jpg, originally uploaded by Olivia Hotshot.


One of the best parts of BL is getting to know the builders. This is a pressie from Donpatchy, the amazing builder of the Tokyo stage.

Halloween Attire

My halloween attire, complete with Jessica Qin's horns, with a bit of Torley's egg drop windlight setting.

Free November 2009 Calendar

suspended by lag

Happy Halloween

Halloween_021.png, originally uploaded by Olivia Hotshot.

Music by Manx
visual head space by Olivia

Omen Crow at Burning Life 09