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Welcome to the chronicle of places I go, and events I attend in my Second Life travels. I post lots of photos and landmarks to get to stops I recommend. Most of this blog - but not all - is dedicated to educational builds or places pertaining to education. I am an ardent Second Life traveler, and this blog reflects that. Olivia Hotshot. Get yours at bighugelabs.com/flickr

31 January 2009


mercury's_shoes_002.jpg, originally uploaded by Olivia Hotshot.

I just had to have new shoes to wear with my dress I bought to go to Feathers' Boa new art show. Whatcha think? A little over the top or just perfect?

I went to the mall where Fetch is housed and found these boots:

30 January 2009

FREE February 2009 Desktop Calendar

Enjoy and download it if it is something you like!

SL Educators' Faire - Volunteering

montclair_002, originally uploaded by Olivia Hotshot.

Logan5 and Olivia volunteering at the Educause Virtual Worlds Group at the SL Educators' Faire

28 January 2009

SL "Almost Infinite" Roundtable

SL_Roundtable_004, originally uploaded by Olivia Hotshot.



SL_Roundtable_002, originally uploaded by Olivia Hotshot.

SL Educators Roundtable Group meeting at the SL Education Faire. So many people showed up the infinite table became finite and a second table (a double decker) was formed. Exciting times! AJ is actually sitting above us all to type and shout the information to those way in the back of the pavilion.

27 January 2009

Kizart Kreetures

Kizart+Kreetures_005.jpg, originally uploaded by Olivia Hotshot.

most awesome build in the sky


Volcano Club

Volcano Club_011.jpg, originally uploaded by Olivia Hotshot.

NPIRL heads' up:
**YadNi Monde's volcano**
Via Orhalla Zander, we discover the inside of a volcano sitting squat in the middle of four sims. It was commissioned with and created by none other than that very Freeench and very blue YadNi Monde (who nurtured us with freebies from the get go) and, while c'est nest pas complete yet, he says it's okay to drop in.

25 January 2009



Reserving comment on this event until I see more.

23 January 2009

20 January 2009


one_prim_wonders_007.jpg, originally uploaded by Olivia Hotshot.


This exhibition features some of SL's most cutting edge artists, all who demonstrate their skills using only one prim.

SL/Educause Roundtable January

It takes all kinds to make a 3D world.

19 January 2009

18 January 2009


photo taken by Catriana of us groovin at the Pirates, Buckaneers, and Wenches party under the sea

Play List from the January Club Gaslight Party

Arr, ye be a pirate's song list
Posted 1/17/2009 9:31:52 AM by Sredni Eel
Last night's shin dig was a lot of fun, in spite of being booted straight out of Second Life, due to region shut down. I guess there were too many mermaids or something.

Here's the song list for last night:

(* denotes a requested song)
Klaus Badelt - Will and Elizabeth
Diary of Dreams - Traum:A
The Cruxshadows - Bloodline
The Used - I Caught Fire
The Sisters of Mercy - Ribbons
Monster Magnet - Gimme Danger
Tickle Me Pink - Madeline
DJ Tiesto - He's a Pirate
Dimmu Borgir - The Serpentine Offering
Great Big Sea - The Mermaid
Tom Smith - Zombie Pirates in Love
Hey Monday - Homecoming
* Spiderbait - Black Betty
Machines of Loving Grace - Butterfly Wings
* Ray Stevens - The Gay Pirate Song
* Peter Gabriel - Games Without Frontiers (Massive Attack Remix)
* Abney Park - Airship Pirates
* Sting - A Thousand Years
Smashing Pumpkins - Doomsday Clock
Tom Smith - Seven Drunken Nights in Space
* Schiller & Heppner - I Feel You
* Nine Inch Nails - Closer
* The Tossers - No Loot, No Booze, No Fun
* Front 242 - Headhunter
Captain Jack - I've Got a Jar of Dirt (Techno Mix)
* Type O Negative - Creepy Green Light
Jonas Brothers - Yo Ho A Pirate's Life For Me
* Jimmy Buffet - Volcano
* Harry Bellafonte - Banana Boat
* En Vogue - Don't Let Go
The Little Mermaid - Kiss The Girl (Techno Dance Remix)
Guttermouth - Under the Sea
* She Wants Revenge - Tear You Apart
* She Wants Revenge - Monologue
* Ralph's World - At The Bottom of the Sea
* Nightwish - Bye Bye Beautiful
Basshunter - Now You're Gone (DJ Alex Extended Mix)
* Repo! The Genetic Opera - At The Opera
* Nickelback - Something In Your Mouth
Tom Smith - Kidnapped By Pirates Is Good
Voltaire - Beast of Pirate's Bay
* Otep - Eat the Children
* Repo! The Genetic Opera - Things You See In A Graveyard
* Shiny Toy Guns - Le Disko
* Poe - Hey Pretty (Drive-By Remix)
DJ S4RL - Pretty Rave Girl
Iggy Pop - Sea of Love
E Nomine - Mitternacht
Disturbed - Down With The Sickness
My Life With the Thrill Kill Cult - Daisy Chain for Satan
* The Postal Service - Clark Gable
* Daybehavior - Superstar
Gogol Bordello - Start Wearing Purple
* Nonpoint - In The Air Tonight
* Austrian Death Machine - Get To De Choppa
* Propellerheads - Velvet Pants
Tanzwut - Nein Nein
Sirenia - Star Crossed
Midnattsol - Another Return
Das Ich - Destillat (VNV Nation Remix)
* Modest Mouse - Missed the Boat
Lazytown - You Are A Pirate

07 January 2009

Educause Kickoff Meeting for '09

Educause_001, originally uploaded by Olivia Hotshot.

over 100 people attended the opening event

what a cool way to work, eh?
i was a transcriber for jeremy kabumpo


snowmobile_001.jpg, originally uploaded by Olivia Hotshot.


taken right by Lorin's Sound Shack

03 January 2009

grand_opening - struggling to rezz

grand_opening_001.jpg, originally uploaded by Omen Crow.

have no idea how many people showed up, but many looked a lot like piles of steam for a bit!

Feathers at the Grand Opening

grand_opening_002.jpg, originally uploaded by Omen Crow.

thank you dear Feathers....
her art is outstanding.

The Art Garden Opens Today

art_garden_opening, originally uploaded by Olivia Hotshot.


Opening at 3 pm SL Time
Music by Billy Moyikan

Hope to see you there!
Party goes from 3 - 5

02 January 2009


Immersiva_030.jpg, originally uploaded by Olivia Hotshot.

Bryn Oh's Immersiva

This has to be about one of th ebest examples of wonderfulness i have seen in SL.


Happy New Year AM Radio

the hot rod

- fabulous gift from AM Radio

01 January 2009


dragonfly_boat_007.jpg, originally uploaded by Olivia Hotshot.

one of the images to be shown at the opening of the Art Garden on January 3 .

The opening goes from 3 - 5 second Life time. Come meet all the artists and listen to the live music.

The Garden Grows

olivia_garden_001.jpg, originally uploaded by Olivia Hotshot.

Here I am posing for Balthasar in front of my image of Tank Girl


new_years_eve_006.jpg, originally uploaded by Olivia Hotshot.

twirling at Bliss
Happy New Year everyone!