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15 February 2010

Virtual Worlds Educators Roundtable- Reaction Grid Meeting

Reaction Grid, a rapidly growing virtual world, is the next spot for a visit by the VWER group. Thursday, February 18 at 11:00 a.m. pacific time (aka SLT) has been scheduled for the group to meet in-world at Aether, Devonshire and surrounding areas.

VWER, an international mixed group of educators & techies who work (study about, teach in, and create in) primarily in Second Life, is heading over to the public grid to see what the hub bub is all about. AJ Kelton will be the moderator for the meeting.

Participants will be encouraged to browse around Reaction Grid to see the NASA build by GeoFrank Taurog, stroll over to Fleep's Chilbo, or view Omen Crow's creative spacecrafts, fractal art, and Flash Gordon movie theater on Devonshire.


Chilbo on Reaction Grid:


Thursday, February 18 at 11am pacific time/Second Life time.

In order to get to Reaction grid you must FIRST GET AN ACCOUNT..
Get a Free ReactionGrid User Account:

Choose a starting Avatar (all options will be available in your inventory, and you can choose different avatars, clothing, hair, etc. at any time on Welcome sim):

TO GET ON THE GRID you must download one of the viewers:
• Grid Configurator
• Mac Launcher
• Hippo Client
• Second Life Client
The downloads & directions can be found here:

Where you can find us on Reaction Grid:
(paste the link into local chat and then click on it when it is active, to TP to the location)


About being on Reaction Grid:
Much of Reaction Grid is untested, so be prepared for unexpected things to happen, but do not let that discourage you. Less than 15 avatars may be on a sim on the public Reaction Grid. However, note that multiple avatars on grids may cause issues that we have yet to see. Sim crossing can also be interesting, so please just be patient. Some of the functions in the viewer, like search, do not work.

What you can expect to find on the three adjoining sims:
On Aether you can find Spaceport Aether, a NASA display by GeoFrank Taurog.
On Devonshire you can find a video screen, art, and flying machines, by Omen Crow.
On Cephyr Glass you will find open grassy space & giant flowers owned by Viv Trafalgar.

Look for signs to point you to the meeting area.