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29 March 2010

Virtual World Research Articles & Books

These come straight from my buddies on the Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable planning committee:

From Iggy


Begost, Ian. Persuasive Games. MIT Press, 2007
Gee, JP. What Video Games Teach Us about Learning & Literacy. Palgrave
MacMillan, 2003.


Game Studies http://gamestudies.org
Games & Culture http://gac.sagepub.com

From Viv

Gaming Lives in the Twenty-First Century, Selfe and Hawisher, Palgrave McMillan 2007;
Digital Culture, Play and Identity, Corneliussen and Rettberg, ed, MIT Press 2008 (this is mostly WOW) ;
Good Video Games + Good Learning, James Paul Gee ed, Peter Lang Publishing, 2007