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15 June 2009

Zindra - adult_continent

adult_continent.png, originally uploaded by Olivia Hotshot.

Get ready to explore the new adult continent known as Zindra. In coordination with the final release of the 1.23 viewer, today, Monday, June 15th, Zindra will be officially opened for the Residents of Second Life. Zindra will be open for two weeks - and will end on the 29th of June. The Lindens will be offering a box of themed content (including roads, buildings, textures, and other Zindra-specific stuff) to Residents, much like they did for Nautilus. It will be available before the migration starts.

Not sure which part of Zindra to explore first? You can find a list of SLurls provided below that will take you to some areas of interest. While the 1.23 viewer will allow you to see regions flagged as Adult, Mature and PG, it is not needed to access Zindra. You will however need enough information on file to be considered account verified, otherwise you will not be able to teleport to the region. Check out the knowledge base article HERE to learn how to verify your account! Keep in mind that if you use the 1.22 viewer, regions will appear as mature rather than adult.

The outer end of Cinyris Island, a premier vacation spot!

Welcome to Kama City!

One of the hydroelectric dams on the River.

Another mighty dam!

The third dam.

Greetings from Shell Beach!